Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik told CNN's Brian Stelter on Sunday that "Saturday Night Live" is not only a way for people to laugh and unwind from the stress induced on them by President Donald Trump's administration, but it also serves as a vital antidote to a White House that "pumps disinformation into the information ecosystem."

On this week's show, he said, the cast made light of Trump's interview with Lester Holt, his lawyers' admission that he has no business dealings with Russia "with a few exceptions" and Sean Spicer's combative press briefings.

"If they were just making fun of Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee I would say, come on, they are press reps," said Zurawi. "But they are brilliantly satirizing the way the information — that’s the source of information from the White House."

The pointed satire, he said, is providing "the information a democracy needs to function."

"We know we cannot function as a democracy" under the Trump regime, he said, "because some reliable information. We expect some of that from our leaders. We are getting none of it. Instead we are getting confusion, lies, contradictions, and so to satirize that you almost — you have to go to the level of the surreal."

Comedy makes us laugh, he said, but it's also a conduit of information to the public about how corrupt and unreliable the president is and what danger we're in as a republic.

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