Michelle Obama smacks down Trump for gutting her healthy meals program -- without ever mentioning his name
Michelle Obama (ABC News)

Speaking a health conference in Washington D.C., former First Lady Michelle Obama took a veiled shot at President Donald Trump for gutting her program designed to get kids to eat healthier.

According to NBC5 Chicago, the popular Obama said parents should stop and "think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap."

Responding to reports that Trump Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was considering delaying a requirement to lower sodium levels in school meals and would continue to waive a requirement that schools serve more whole grain food, Obama criticized the wisdom behind the moves.

"If we want to make this country great, our kids need to be healthy," Obama said. "Not some, but all.”

"You want to talk about nanny state and government intervention, well, 'you just buy the food and be quiet and you don't need to know what is in it,'" Obama said. "That is essentially what a move like this is saying to you moms."

The former First Lady has normally held her fire on her husband's successor, keeping in line with her criticisms of then-candidate Trump before the election -- yet never mentioning him by name.

You can watch video of Obama below via Twitter: