A GOP lawmaker was caught flat-footed by Ali Velshi on Tuesday afternoon when the MSNBC host had to explain to him that Americans with pre-existing health conditions could be left without insurance under the GOP's latest version of Trumpcare.

Speaking with Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA), Velshi got the lawmaker to admit that he is a "yes vote" on the latest bill, despite the fact that the CBO has yet to score it.

"There is a concern, the word out there, is that not everybody is covered," Velshi explained. "Donald Trump himself said that everyone with pre-existing conditions is covered. But apparently, states can get a waiver that's very easy to do. All they have to do is write to the Department of Health and Human Services. As long as nobody objects, they get a waiver and they could get these high-risk pools that could cost people a lot more money if they're sick."

"Well, there is a lot of information out there," Taylor replied as he scrambled by citing TV host Jimmy Kimmel's viral video discussing his newborn's open-hear surgery. "There are a lot of emotions out there, you saw Kimmel's video which was emotional and good, and that moves people."

"The reality is, yes, states can apply for it. I've heard opt out, I've heard waiver," Taylor continued. "It's not that simple, it's actually a strict process. They have to have a plan in place."

Velshi then corrected Taylor.

"The issue is, you say there is a strict requirement," he told the lawmaker. "Actually, if a state writes to the secretary of Health and Human Services, and they don't get a response, that state is considered waived. So the fact is they may have to jump through no hurdles at all."

"I have to push back on that, that is not at all what I understand and from what I've read," Taylor replied.

"Well, I never want to disagree with someone who could kill me with his little finger," Velshi told the former Navy SEAL, "But I have read it."

"There is a process and they have to apply for it," Taylor parried.

"If there is no response, they get the waiver. All Tom Price has to do is not respond to Virginia's letter and Virginia gets to do the waiver," Velshi explained.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: