On Saturday, an MSNBC panel said that the royal family of Saudi Arabia has President Donald Trump "eating out of their hands" simply by flattering the former reality TV game show host and giving him something shiny and gold to distract him like a baby with a shiny set of keys.

The panel -- host Joy Reid, Naveed Jamali, Rosa Brooks and Nayyera Hak -- agreed that the Saudi royal family has "absolutely got his number."

"In a sense, might he actually have his best possible reception in some of these more autocratic countries," said Reid, "because he's a lot like them." His view of foreign policy is transactional. He can build his hotels and condominium complexes in their countries. "He won't lecture you on human rights, god knows he doesn't care about that."

"Absolutely, he's like them, except he's sort of dumber," said Brooks. "And I think the Saudis have absolutely got his number. I see the Saudis have given him a gold medal just for showing up. I think they figured Donald Trump out. Give him a little gold star, treat him like royalty, nod and look respectful, and he's eating out of their hands. That's not really good for the rest of the world, but it's great for the Saudis."

Watch the video, embedded below: