As the news cycle catches up to a controversial Washington Post report claiming that President Donald Trump dilvulged classified information to Russian officials in an Oval Office meeting last week, experts in national security are already speculating on how this will affect American security.

During an appearance on MSNBC, former National Security Council spokesman Ned Price told host Greta Van Sustern that Trump's disclosure of classified intel to Russia is "the nightmare scenario" for relations with American allies whose intel could be critical to the country's national security.

"Whether they be friends, ally, sometimes even adversaries share intelligence information with us under the expectation we safe guard the information, Price said. "The real threat here, as I see it, is that our friends and allies, some of those countries that have a better presence in place likes Syria that largely denied to some of our assets, that they may stop sharing information with us."

Price argued that it will be "critically dangerous if the information they stop sharing pertains to threats to U.S. interests around the world."

The veteran intelligence agent said President Trump revealed classified information from a well-situated ally to "the most sophisticated, capable, and frankly hostile intelligence service in the world," referencing Russia's KGB intelligence service.

Watch the entire exchange below via MSNBC.