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‘No one can stop him’: CNN panel says Trump’s tweets indicate he’s in a permanent downward spiral



President Donald Trump has been tweeting up a storm over the past several hours, from his infamous “covfefe” tweet, to his praise of disgraced former campaign adviser Carter Page, to his attack on comedian Kathy Griffin.

A CNN panel on Wednesday morning took stock of all Trump’s tweets and concluded that he is in total self destruct mode.

During the panel, Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard said that Trump’s latest tweets are evidence that there is absolutely no one in the White House who can stop Trump from hurting his own presidency.


“He brings himself a world of hurt with these tweets,” she said. “He is very self destructive. The entire Comey firing showed it. He said it was because of the Rosenstein memo… He sent his spokesman out to say the same thing. He sent Vice President Mike Pence out to say the same thing. Then he told Lester Holt it was all about Russia… No one is able to stop him.”

Panelist David Gregory, meanwhile, said Trump’s tweets indicate that “he is in the middle of the new round of ranting of press coverage and trying to distract from the investigation over Russia.” He also said that the president’s tweets, which often contradict statements made by his own press office, are shredding any semblance of credibility in the White House.

“What is unfortunate for Sean Spicer is the White House press secretary position under President Trump doesn’t have credibility,” he said. “I’ve been in this job. I had interactions with press secretaries. I have a certain amount of sympathy for Sean Spicer. He has to do what his boss wants him to do. His boss is not truthful to the American people, nor are the people who work for President Trump.”

Watch the video below.

‘No one is able to stop him’: CNN panel says… by sarahburris

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Masks take center stage in presidential race as Biden slams Trump for ‘costing people’s lives’



In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden laid into President Donald Trump for his comments belittling his decision to wear a mask at the Memorial Day events at the beginning of the week.

"He's a fool, an absolute fool to talk that way," said Biden. He added that "This macho stuff ... It's costing people's lives."

Trump has frequently refused to don a mask while speaking to the media, even when he is in public places where masks are required.

Watch below:

“He’s a fool, an absolute fool to talk that way,” Biden to @DanaBashCNN about Trump belittling his wearing of a mask. “This macho stuff ... It’s costing people’s lives.”

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1 in 5 teachers—citing COVID-19 concerns—likely won’t return to US schools this fall: survey



While most U.S. schools have ended in-person instruction for the rest of this academic year because of the coronavirus pandemic, polling results published Tuesday show that the majority of parents and teachers expect classrooms to reopen in the fall and worry about what that will mean for safety and education.

In mid-May, Ipsos conducted a pair of online polls for USA Today of K-12 teachers and parents of school-aged children. Pollsters found that if schools reopen in the fall—with strict new rules to limit Covid-19 infections—nearly six in 10 parents would consider not sending their kids back and one in five educators likely would not return to teaching. Among teachers 55 and older, that figure was one in four.

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Trump says he can ‘absolutely’ force governors to reopen churches if he decides to do so



At Tuesday's coronavirus press briefing, President Donald Trump was pressed on whether he really has the authority to force governors to allow houses of worship to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Can you explain what authority you had in mind when you said that you would do that?" asked a reporter.

The president emphasized that he does have the power — but did not elaborate on how specifically he would do so, and added that he doesn't think he will have to.

"I can absolutely do it if I want to," said Trump. "I don't think I'm going to have to, because it's starting to open up. We need our churches and our synagogues and our mosques. We want them open, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other — we want them open and we want them open as soon as possible."

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