'There was nothing casual about this': Sally Yates slaps down Sean Spicer's claim Flynn warning was just a 'heads up'
Fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates (Photo: Screen capture)

Fired acting attorney general Sally Yates wanted to clarify White House press secretary Sean Spicer's accounting of her conversation with White House Counsel Don McGahn. According to Yates, Spicer misrepresented her and what she said.

During a press briefing, Spicer characterized Yates' warning as nothing more than "a heads up" and that the White House does not act quickly over nothing more than a "heads up."

"There was nothing casual about this," Yates explained to CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"'Heads up' does seem to be a casual characterization," Cooper noted.

She revealed that she called McGhan and told him she had "a very sensitive matter" she needed to discuss on that day and in person. The two met in his office because it was a secure location.

Yates explained that it was serious and that if the Russians have information that they can use as leverage over someone they will use it. "In this situation, we had the underlying conduct

Watch the clip below:

Sally Yates blasts Sean Spicer's clam she was... by sarahburris