Regretful Trump voter can't believe how bad it's been: 'He's embarrassing our country every day'
A woman comes face-to-face with Donald Trump at a rally (Reuters)

While polls show that the vast majority of people who voted for President Donald Trump are happy with their decision so far, the Washington Post managed to track down one Trump voter who has major regrets about her choice.

As part of a series of interviews with voters in North Carolina, the Post talked with a woman named Nancy Stevens who said she and her husband, Raymond Lee Stevens Jr., both supported Trump this past fall.

Although her husband was willing to give Trump more time to make good on his promises to bring jobs back to rural America, Nancy Stevens told the Post that she had already seen enough to render judgement.

"I regret my vote," she said bluntly. "I don’t know why you don’t see what’s going on. He’s embarrassing our country every day, and making us look weak to the world. He’s spilling secrets. I can’t believe it’s going so badly."

Despite this, her husband pleaded for patience.

“He needs time,” he said. “It’s only been 100-something days."

Trump finished his first 100 days with the lowest approval ratings in recent history. According to polling averages at both Pollster and Real Clear Politics, his current approval rating is hovering at around 39%, while his disapproval rating stands at 55%.