RNC officials gripe after Trump sons show up to plan 'strategy' to boost president's profile
Eric & Donald Trump Jr. (YouTube)

According to a report by the Washington Post, Eric and Donald Trump, Jr., the business protégés and sons of President Donald Trump, went to the headquarters of the Republican National Committee to air frustrations about the party's treatment of their dad.

After "having met privately with GOP leaders to share their concerns and outlook," some Republicans were "irked" by their appearance.

Those anonymous high-level Republicans "wondered whether it was appropriate for the president’s sons, who run the Trump family real estate business, to be highly involved in discussing the party’s strategy and resources".

Eric and Donald Jr., along with Eric's wife Lara Trump, reportedly "made clear that they were frustrated with the way, in their view, the president has been drawn into various controversies and want the Republican Party to do what it can to help reignite his political base".