Roger Stone and Alex Jones insist Comey fired for 'violating the chain of command' on Russiagate
Infowars host Alex Jones (left) and author/Trump confidant Roger Stone (right) via screengrab.

Never one to miss the latest news about President Donald Trump, InfoWars host Alex Jones welcomed conservative gadfly and so-called "unoffocial" Trump advisor Roger Stone onto his show. During the segment, both confirmed that their unnamed sources inside the White House believe Former FBI Director James Comey was fired for "violating the chain of command" -- a charge that goes against White House statements claiming Comey was fired for mishandling the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails.

Stone reportedly advised Trump himself to fire Comey ahead of Tuesday's headline-generating dismissal.

While both criticized Comey's personality and supposed fence-sitting political nature, they also suggested that the FBI's investigation into alleged collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia might have done him in.

Via phone interview on Jones' show, Stone said Comey was "wasting his time investigating the non-existent Russian collusion" rather than investigating supposed "megacrimes" committed by Bill and Hillary Clinton -- although Comey was, according to the Trump administration, fired for investigating alleged crimes committed by former Secretary of State Clinton.

According to both Jones and Stones' sources, the firing occurred because "Comey was violating the chain of command, was seen as 'reckless', 'weird', constantly changing positions, and that he was just seen as overall kind of 'soft', and that's why the attorney general recommend that he be removed."

"That's 100% accurate," Stone agreed.

Watch the entire exchange below via Right Wing Watch.