Secretary Tom Price commends police for 'doing what they thought was appropriate' in reporter arrest
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price (Screen Capture)

STAT News reported that after news broke that journalist Dan Heyman had been arrested for allegedly asking questions of Health Secretary Tom Price during a speech in West Virginia, the health secretary in question commended the police who arrested Heyman for "doing what they thought was appropriate".

Heyman has since been charged with "willful disruption of governmental processes" for reportedly attempting to get past Secret Service agents and, according to police, "aggressively" yelling at Price.

When asked by STAT whether he thinks Heyman should have been arrested, Price responded that it's "not my decision to make".

You can watch video of Heyman's arrest below via his coworker Eric Tegethoff, as well a statement he made with his lawyer after the incident went viral via the ACLU of West Virginia.