Firebrand journalist and Starfish Media Group CEO Soledad O'Brien tore into the U.S. news media for allowing itself to get duped again and again by President Donald Trump and for making the metric of his performance whether or not he "sounds presidential."

During a discussion of the fact that Trump never apologizes on Sunday's edition of "The Point with Ari Melber," O'Brien said it doesn't matter that he never says he's sorry because the news cycle moves so quickly that "if you can survive the original freakout that everybody has," the news cycle will move on within two days and forget the incident ever happened.

Melber said that his question isn't whether Trump can stay politically popular by never apologizing or admitting a mistake, but will it hinder his ability to effectively operate the machinery of government, pass legislation and function as a chief executive.

"It's working," O'Brien said. "It's working, why would he change it?"

"I'm asking about governance," Melber said. "Does it matter in his relationship to the intelligence community?"

"He only cares about, 'Is it working,'" O'Brien said, seeming bemused that Melber still thinks Trump cares about getting job right. "I think it's charming that you're wondering if he's going to transition into his responsibility as the leader of the free world."

Donald Trump, she said, only thinks about apologizing "in terms of an optics question," not about whether or not it makes him an effective leader.

Watch the video, embedded below: