A fraternity at Baylor University has been suspended after its members held a "Cinco de Drinko" party where they mocked Mexican immigrants by dressing up as maids, construction workers, and other stereotypical professions.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Baylor chapter of fraternity Kappa Sigma was suspended temporarily after reports emerged that its members not only mocked Mexican immigrants with their costumes, but also allegedly painted their faces brown and chanted, "Build that wall!"

Photos of the party, which were posted over the weekend on social media, drew outraged and generated protests across the campus.

Baylor VP for Student Life Kevin Jackson described the alleged behavior of the fraternity as "deeply concerning," while the national Kappa Sigma organization called the alleged behavior "inconsistent" with its own values. Kappa Sigma also said that "upon completion of the investigation, the Fraternity will address the findings in an appropriate manner."

Photos of the party follow below.