'That is a lie': Cuomo nails Paul Ryan 'intentionally deceiving people' with fake news on Obamacare repeal
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Chris Cuomo called out President Donald Trump for "intentionally deceiving people" by spreading misinformation on his Trumpcare replacement.

Cuomo noted that Speaker Paul Ryan claimed the MacArthur Amendment ensures those with pre-existing conditions will get covered.

"That is a lie," Cuomo noted. "OK, he has to know that it doesn't do that. He has to be intentionally deceiving people when he says it would do that because — by definition what this amendment does is — by definition it gives the state an ability to opt out and create their own pools which have huge problems for the people at the high end of the risk."

Guest Errol Lewis said he wouldn't go far as to say it was an intentional lie but that they're creating a kind of pilot project with the "high-risk pools."

"But it would not be a guarantee as it is now," Cuomo countered, and Lewis agreed. "And you know that it would not be when you say it is a guarantee. I'm saying as Ryan or any Republican lawmaker."

Lewis agreed Cuomo is correct.

"The White House and the congressional leadership are playing chicken with each other," Lewis said. "Somebody has to deliver the bad news ultimately that what they really intend to do is take away guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions. That means 14 million plus people with cancer in their lifetime would not be necessarily covered or would be in one of the high-risk pools with premiums."

Watch the full discussion below:

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