There's now a database of White House visitors -- and they are mostly ‘rich, white, Republican men’
Donald Trump and House GOP members in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday (Screen capture)

As Mediaite reports, POLITICO has compiled and released an unauthorized and regularly-updated database of White House visitors.

According to Mediaite, releasing visitor logs to the public was a staple of Barack Obama's presidency -- but Donald Trump's administration refuses to release them due to "security risks and privacy concerns".

In response to this reversal, POLITICO has taken it upon themselves to compile and create an interactive database of White House and Mar-a-Lago visitors -- and their findings so far have been telling.

According to a report released alongside the database, "of the more than 1,200 people who have had direct access to the president as of Monday night, the majority — about 80 percent — are white." 79 percent of the people Trump has interacted with since his inauguration have been men.

Mediaite also reports that Trump has met with 250 elected Republicans, 92 Democratic politicians, and 272 businesspeople since occupying the White House.

You can read the entire report, and check out the database, on POLITICO's website.