'They might want to call up Schoolhouse Rock': CNN reporter schools Trump on how a bill becomes a law
CNN's Don Lemon and Jim Acosta (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Jim Acosta joined with his CNN colleagues in soundly mocking President Donald Trump for his premature celebration in the White House Rose Garden Thursday afternoon for "successfully" repealing and replacing Obamacare.

"Don, I think they might want to call up 'Schoolhouse Rock' on YouTube," Acosta said. "Holding a victory party in the Rose Garden of the White House after something passes in the House, that might be a bit premature. I think the president was acknowledging that here in New York City earlier this evening. He was sitting down with the Australian prime minister before their bilateral discussion, and reporters were peppering him with questions. And he said, 'listen, this thing is going to change somewhat in the Senate, it is going to change.' Sen. John Cornyn said they're not going to vote on what was passed out of the House. They'll pass their own bill out of the Senate. And so we're a long way off from an actual Rose Garden signing ceremony."

Republican consultant Ana Navarro later said it was akin to spiking the football at halftime.

Watch the discussion below:

'They might want to call up School House Rock... by sarahburris

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