'They've cut people loose before': Sheriff Clarke says he may have already lost DHS job over plagiarism
David Clarke speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke revealed that he may have already lost a job with the Department of Homeland Security after he was accused of plagiarism.

Last week, CNN's KFile reported that Clarke had plagiarized many parts of his master's thesis on security in the United States. The news came just days after Clarke said that he accepted a position as a DHS assistant secretary. A spokesperson for the department, however, has insisted that no hiring decision has been made.

Over the weekend, Clarke told radio host Joe Pags that he may not have the job after all, the KFile reported on Tuesday.

"Who knows? I say that sincerely, because I'm in a political environment, sometimes political decisions are made," he opined. "President Donald Trump has to do what's in the best interest of his administration. And they've cut people loose before, I don't know why, so time will tell, but I know that he values loyalty."

Clarke argued that the plagiarism charge was about "weakening" the president's "resolve to hang in there with me."

On Tuesday, Clarke reportedly admitted to "The Sid and Bernie Show" that he had made a mistake by not using quotation marks in his thesis.

"Everything that I put in there had a citation and, naturally, when you accuse someone of plagiarism, it's not citing stuff," he remarked. "They're saying certain words and phrases I should have put quotation marks around. OK, alright, fine. Maybe from a formatting standpoint the thesis isn't perfect, but the content is there."

Listen to a portion of the Clarke interview below.