In an appearance on ABC News, President Donald Trump's national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster refused to answer host George Stephanopoulos' questions about whether the president confronted the Russian officials he met with in the Oval Office over their electoral interference.

Upon first being asked if the president confronted Russian officials, McMaster demurred, saying "there already was too much that's been leaked from those meetings."

He kept with the White House's line on criticism of leaks, saying "I'm really concerned about these kind of leaks because they undermine everybody's trust in that kind of an environment".

"I understand your concern about leaks," Stephanopoulos rebutted, "but I could also see the feeling of perhaps someone, likely on your staff or in your community, who leaked this thinking that they had a duty to leak it because you have this apparent contradiction between the president disparaging the person who is investigating the Russians but not confronting the Russians who interfered in our election."

McMaster continued plugging the leaks, but Stephanopoulous steered the conversation back towards the topic at hand.

"I just asked the direct question: did the president confront the Russians on their interference in our election?" he asked.

"I'm not gonna divulge more of that meeting," McMaster finally replied.

Watch the entire exchange below via ABC News.