Trump supporters complain 'Art of the Deal' author ‘always gets the bad end of the deal’
President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump is famously proud of his reputation as a dealmaker, but his supporters are frustrated that his media critics won't give him a fair shake.

The Republican president has watched his approval ratings sink to record lows after five months on the job, although he still enjoys the support of his base voters, reported the Detroit Free Press.

In Macomb County, Michigan, where Trump won by 12 percent -- compared to Obama's wins by 4 points in 2008 and 8 points in 2012 -- voters remain loyal to the former real estate developer and reality TV star.

Brian Pannebecker, a 57-year-old production worker for Ford, said Trump is "his own worst enemy" with his impulsive Twitter attacks, but he said the media had overhyped the firing of FBI director James Comey and other aspects of the Russia probe.

A little further south, in Allen Park, disabled General Motors worker Randall Shelton agrees that Trump should control his Twitter habits and focus on his job, but he blames Democrats and the media for the president's failures.

"He causes a lot of his own problems but I don’t think he’s getting a fair shake," said the 64-year-old Shelton, who describes himself as an “angry white voter." "As he said, it’s a witch-hunt. He never got a fair shake right from the get-go."

An elderly Trump supporter from Harrison Township said she's tired of seeing the co-author of "Art of the Deal" continuously rolled by his critics.

"Nobody's giving him a chance other than the people who actually like him," said 82-year-old MaryAnn Simon. "I think he's a good man and he's accomplishing a lot but nobody seems to care. He always gets the bad end of the deal."