'Unlike some people, I don't give away top-secret information from Israel': Watch God skewer Trump on Colbert
Stephen Colbert and God (Screengrab / CBS)

God paid a visit to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday to bash Donald Trump for divulging highly-classified information to Russian officials.

Colbert was discussing Trump’s first trip abroad, noting the president has visited a number of international holy sites during his excursion.

“If I did not know any better, I would say that Donald Trump is really trying to get in touch with God here,” Colbert opined.

“You got that right, Stephen!” God said, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Theater ceiling.

“How do you feel about Trump going to all these holy sites around the world?” Colbert asked the Lord.

“I don’t know, you pray with three religions a week? Seems a little needy,” God replied. “C’mon!Buy a God a drink first.”

Colbert asked God what Trump prayed for during his visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

“Sorry Stephen, unlike some people, I don’t give away top-secret information from Israel,” God zinged.

“This whole thing’s just a distraction from the Russia scandal,” God continued. “I mean Trump even asked me if I could get James Comey to stop the FBI investigation.”

God told Stephen he’s unable to intervene in the Russia investigation on behalf of Trump because “separation of church and state.”

“Plus, I really want to see that pee tape,” God said. “C’mon, everybody knows it’s real.”

“Don’t know,” Colbert replied.

“I do!” God said.

Watch the hilarious segment below, via CBS: