President Donald Trump's executive order banning travelers from a list of countries has had a major impact on travel and tourism in the United States.

ABC News reported that the U.S. has seen a reduction of people coming into the country to the tune of over 23,000 people over just a few months. While that number might seem small, the revenue is integral to their functioning. Those 23,000+ people generate for businesses that rely on travel and tourism.

The first quarter of 2016 showed 406,611 travelers from the Middle East to the U.S. but that number dropped to 383,154 in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

The U.S. Travel Association reports travelers from the Middle East spend more than $3,800 per trip, which comes out to more than $89.1 million in revenue the U.S. has missed out on. The hotel industry alone has lost a minimum of $11.7 million if each person spends just $500 on hotel rooms while they're in the country.

Travelers from the Middle East are spending more money this year, which means the U.S, could even be missing out on additional revenue.