Virginia woman filmed berating Muslim in Trader Joe's claims her rant was 'taken out of context'
Woman who harassed a Muslim customer in line at Reston, VA Trader Joe's (Screen capture)

A woman who got caught on video berating a Muslim woman in a Trader Joe's in Reston, Virginia claims her anti-Obama, anti-Muslim rant was "taken out out of context," reports Fox5.

The video which went viral after being posted to Facebook -- and has been viewed almost 4 million times -- showed the blonde woman telling the Muslim woman, "I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” before adding, “Obama’s not in office anymore. We don’t have a Muslim in there anymore. He’s gone, he’s gone. He may be in jail, too.”

The woman spoke with the Fox affiliate by phone on Monday but refused to give her name, and claimed that the video didn't show what transpired before.

According to the woman, she was "ambushed" by the Muslim woman on the other side of the camera who baited her by attacking the U.S., and saying it was full of "murderers and rapists." She added that the exchange was not included on the tape and that the woman filming her escalated the situation.

The woman also said she was seeking legal representation and that she and her family have received death threats.

You can see the original video below via YouTube: