WATCH: Alec Baldwin teaches his 3-year-old daughter how to do a hilarious Trump impression
Alec Baldwin does an impression of President Donald Trump with his daughter Carmen (via screengrab).

Alec Baldwin's impression of President Donald Trump has captured audiences all over the country -- but his daughter's impression of the president is definitely cuter.

In an Instagram clip posted by Baldwin's wife Hilaria, Baldwin is seen sitting with his three-year-old daughter Carmen, and when asked what day her dad plays the president, the toddler says "Saturday".

Baldwin proceeds to put his hands up in his best open-handed Trump gesture, and Carmen follows suit. He crumples up his face, and then repeats the word "Saturday" three times before falling over laughing as his daughter does an impression of his impression.

Watch the video below, via Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram.

It's Saturday! Season finale of @nbcsnl ...sound up 🙈

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