WATCH: Angela Rye burns 'little kid' Trump for derailing his own Middle East trip
Angela Rye talks on CNN (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump made a significant gaffe on Monday when he angrily told reporters that he never told Russia that Israel was the source for a key piece of classified information -- thus inadvertently confirming that Israel was the source.

Appearing on CNN, Angela Rye roasted Trump for once again being his own worst enemy by not understanding the importance of keeping his mouth shut and not going after every feud with the news media.

"The only person who can steal Donald Trump's thunder on his Middle East trip is him," she pointed out. "And he just did it in the presser with Netanyahu! He said, 'Nobody said Israel!' Nobody said that you did!"

Rye then pointed out that Trump's inability to control himself reminded her of someone who's 7 years old, not someone who's 70 years old as Trump is.

"It's like that little kid argument where [they say], 'Well nobody said that I said that.' Well, nobody said that you said that!" she said. "It's crazy! He's doing that himself!"

Watch the video below.