WATCH: Brooklyn woman brutally assaults 87-year-old man for lighting up cigarette in pizzeria
Woman fleeing Brooklyn restaurant -- screenshot

There's no city in the world like New York -- just ask Przem Fic, the owner of Pipitone's Pizza and Pasta in Brooklyn that recently became the scene of a viral incident of violence between customers.

The altercation, which was captured on CCTV and reported by New York's Pix 11, took place when a female patron got angry at another customer for smoking inside the restaurant.

The man was reportedly apologizing to the woman when she attacked.

"When he was walking away from her she just got up and pushed him with the full force," Fic told Pix 11. "And I was right behind it and I saw every little thing. I couldn't believe it. I was speechless with what I saw."

The woman reportedly said the man attacked her first, but CCTV video tells a different story that paints her as the aggressor as she slams him into a door.

According to police, that man  -- who was visiting from Florida -- was treated at a hospital across the street  from the restaurant.

You can watch the entire altercation below via Pix 11.