CNN host Don Lemon shot down a conservative consultant who attempted to say that the press was making too big of a deal about President Donald Trump sharing classified intel info to the Russians before accusing former President Barack Obama of a hypothetical scandal.

Appearing on a panel with conservative commentator Margaret Hoover and former CIA intelligence officer Evan McMullin, GOP consultant John Brabender went on a a rant in defense of Trump that had the whole panel rolling their eyes.

Brabender attempted to say that the Trump White House sufficiently dismissed the bombshell Washington Post report that Trump shared sensitive confidential intelligence with Russian officials, only to have the whole panel gang up on him and say they ducked the actual allegations in the report.

Brabender then accused President Obama of offering to "give them [the Russians] the store on missile defense," before adding "They treat Donald Trump differently on Russia than they did Barack Obama is all I'm trying to say."

"What does that have to do with sharing classified information? That's apples and oranges," Lemon said. "If President Obama was caught giving away national security secrets, I think everybody would be outraged. You're comparing apples and oranges for someone saying, 'give me a chance once I get into office,' and it was roundly criticized. So you're comparing things not necessarily comparable here."

"To your knowledge did President Obama ever give classified information away to our enemies?" Lemon pressed.

"No, he gave away negotiating techniques to our enemies. and I don't remember seeing the crawl saying 'breaking news,'" Brabender parried.

Republican McMullin then stepped in and dropped the hammer on Brabender.

"Look, I am so tired of hearing people justify some stupid action that President Trump takes by some counter-claim or argument about what happened in the past with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton -- get over it!" he exclaimed. "It's not the world we're living in right now for heaven's sake."

"President Trump is the president of the United States," he continued. "He's woefully unprepared for this role, he's stepping on himself left, right and center. He doesn't care to learn the job, he's too slow on the uptake, he's sloppy and he's making mistakes left, right and center. Get over this 'what about Obama and Hillary Clinton!' Forget it. We have real interests here."

Watch the video below via CNN: