WATCH: CNN's Tapper torches Republicans for their 'stunning' silence after Trump threatened Comey
Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing earlier than usual on CNN, The Lead host Jake Tapper called out Republicans in Congress for their "stunning" silence after President Donald Trump threatened ex-FBI Director James Comey  on Twitter early Friday morning.

Asked by host Brooke Baldwin what to make of Trump's threat, Tapper said the president would be able to get away with it if Republicans refuse to step up.

"I don't know what he could possibly say that would make that tweet seem like anything other than a threat to the FBI director to not talk to the press," Tapper began. "It's an odd statement and then, as you've noted earlier in the show today, Sean Spicer declined to answer the question several times, when asked if the president is recording his conversations, which is a stunning turn of events."

"Stepping back for a second amid this crazy week in Washington, that's been, I mean, the utter chaos in the White House and just how it seems no one can save the president from himself," Baldwin said before pressing Tapper on the lack of GOP condemnations of Trump.

"If Republican lawmakers don't do anything about this, you know, I don't see any repercussions, necessarily," Tapper explained. " I mean, the reason we have a legislative branch is to serve, among other reasons, is to serve as a check on the executive branch and the same thing with the judicial branch. But if one of those branches declines to do its job, I don't know that President Trump being his own worst enemy, necessarily, means anything."

"Certainly there have been Republicans trying to talk to President Trump since he took office about better ways to govern and better ways to manage his White House," he continued. " Certainly, there are people on Capitol Hill and in his own White House who want to focus on the legislative agenda, the reasons why people voted for President Trump. People didn't vote for this."

Watch the video below via CNN: