WATCH: John Fugelsang rips Liberty U for inviting 'education fraudster' Trump to give commencement speech
John Fugelsang (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on MSNBC, commentator John Fuglesang took Christian fundamentalist Liberty University to task for allowing President Donald Trump to deliver the commencement address to the graduating 2017 class on Saturday.

Speaking with AMJoy host Joy Reid, Fugelsang called out the university -- including its president,  Jerry Falwell Jr. -- for inviting Trump, knowing fully well that he only gives lip-service to Christianity and the issues fundamentalist Christians really care about.

Asked by host Reid about white Christian conservative voters who feel they were victimized under President Obama, Fugelsang took exception with their interpretation of Christianity.

"That's not an American issue, it's a human issue," Fugelsang explained. "If you get yours, something is being taken from me. This whole notion that equal rights for someone else, I will call special rights for someone else leads directly to this. I don't mind a government based on Christian values if we're going by the values of Christ as laid out in Matthew 25, for individuals and nations. You take care of the poor, you take care of the sick, you're kind to those in prison. We don't have that called for here."

Fugelsang then turned to Trump's appearance at Liberty.

"We've actually got a society where a reality show landlord gets to have the nuclear codes, because he convinced a lot of nice conservative people that he cared about abortion, which he does not," Fugelsang continued. "As a result, we see a guy who actually paid $25 million for education fraud for ripping off tax-paying Americans invited to speak at a university. Right now irony is hanging itself in a cheap hotel."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: