While covering President Donald Trump's first trip to Israel as commander-in-chief, Fox News host Shep Smith identified a telling discrepancy between a statement the president made and news reports about potentially classified information he shared with Russian officials.

During a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said he "never mentioned the world or the name Israel" while speaking with Russian officials Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak in a controversial Oval Office meeting.

"That's not what they reported," Smith rebutted. "The Washington Post newspaper and others reported on the sharing of the intelligence. None ever claimed the president identified the source as an Israeli...though apparently he just did."

Smith commented on the widely-reported story about the president sharing classified intel with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, and that the intelligence, reportedly about the Islamic State, could have allowed Russians to figure out its' Israeli source.

"That was the reporting, nothing more," Smith said.

He also included a soundbite from Secretary of State and former Exxon executive Rex Tillerson, who claimed he doesn't "know if there's anything to apologize for" when asked if Trump plans on apologizing to Israel for revealing their intel.

Watch Smith's entire segment below via Fox News.