WATCH: Trump supporters assault May Day demonstrators in New York City
Supporters of President Donald Trump in a skirmish with workers celebrating May Day in New York City.

Supporters of President Donald Trump showed up at a May Day Rally in New York's Union Square this afternoon, clashing with New Yorkers observing the workers' holiday.

Trump supporters wore military helmets, gas masks and "Make America Great Again" hats in video from The Gothamist.

"The entire crowd did a good job, just not giving them the room to even come here and say anything that is racist and bigoted and anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim," an organizer of the May Day Rally told The Gothamist. "It’s disgusting for these groups to say they’re being oppressed, when in fact they actually oppress minority groups."

A similar confrontation occurred in Los Angeles, where 150 Trump supporters faced off with celebrators of May Day, or the International Workers' Day. Seattle Police are bracing for violence with the alt-right group, "Proud Boys" organizing against the May Day rally.

Watch the video below via the Gothamist: