WATCH: White man sucker punches black security guard after she attempts to help him up off the ground
Chicago security guard punched by drunk man (Photo: Screen capture)

A security video showing a man attacking a security guard while she was trying to help him is going viral after police have begged the public for any information on the man.

ABC 7 Chicago released the video saying that the incident took place outside of a River North condominium at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday.

The guard, Zoa Stigler has a broken nose and black eye with a possible need for surgery as a result of the incident. The man is seen knocking her off of her feet as she was attempting to help the man who appeared to be unconscious on the sidewalk outside of the building.

"I am surprised I didn't fall down because the impact was really hard," she said.

After seeing the man on the ground she rushed to help. He appeared to be drunk but was "OK" and she told him he had to get up and move. He didn't get up but minutes later stood up and attacked.

"He didn't say one word. He just walked up to me and threw the bottled water and hit me in my face," Stigler said.

His friends are then seen on the video casually walking away.

"You really need to be ashamed of yourself. You should never hit anyone, not because of I am a female but because I am a human being. You shouldn't hit a person doing their job," Stigler said. "You don't know how much damage you have done to me. I pray that they find you.

You can watch the full video below: