'What the f*ck is that?': Sen. Kamala Harris calls out GOP congressman for saying 'no one dies without healthcare'
California senator-elect Kamala Harris gives her victory speech (Screen capture)

Appearing on a podcast hosted by former Obama Staffer, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) called out Idaho Republican Raul Labrador for saying over the weekend that, "nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare."

Labrador has taken heat for his comments, saying he used in an in artful way of speaking, but that didn't stop Harris for slamming the Republican on Pod Save America, reports The Hill.

"Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don't starve because they don't have food.' What the f--k is that? What are you saying? How can you say that?" Harris exclaimed.

Harris continued, "The truth is that these folks are playing politics with public health. If Republicans want people to lose their healthcare, then the Republicans need to lose their job."

Almost cursing again, she continued "[Republicans are] engaged in all this happy talk that is bull — not truth."