White House staff 'gnashing their teeth' over 'toxic' Lewandowski's imminent return: report
Corey Lewandowski (Fox News/Screengrab)

As scandal after scandal rocks President Donald Trump's White House, news that his fired ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may return to lead the president's Russia "war room" has, according to The Daily Beast, caused concern among staffers.

Lewandowski's imminent return is the reported cause of "senior Trump administration officials gnashing their teeth" in trepidation for the president's former campaign manager to come into the Trump administration in a "crisis management" capacity.

"It would be another trainwreck," an anonymous White House official "bluntly" told the Beast. The official said they're "dreading that it could even happen," but that it appears Lewandowski will, at the very least, be "outside" the White House itself.

Other White House staffers who spoke with the Beast confirmed that Lewandowski "won’t be in the White House proper," and will be more of a "shadow adviser".

"When, not if, he does something crazy, there’ll at least be a degree of separation," one official noted.

According to another Trump administration and former campaign official who spoke anonymously to the Beast, Lewandowski would "only add to the toxicity of the White House".

An article released last week claimed that Lewandowski is already bragging about being brought into the White House, though it didn't mention the exact role he would take or whether he'd be working inside the grounds at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Read the entire report on White House staff reactions to Lewandowski's potential hiring via the Beast.