Woman and two children found dead in John Lennon's old Liverpool apartment
John Lennon rehearses 'Give Peace A Chance' in 1968. (Roy Kerwood/Wikimedia Commons)

Bodies of a woman and two children have been found in an apartment in Liverpool that once served as the residence of John Lennon.

According to the BBC, police were called to the location late Tuesday evening and detained a 30-year-old man on suspicion of murder. The suspect then fell ill and was taken to the hospital.

Police believe the incident was a domestic crime and are investigating substances found at the scene.

According to neighbors, the location is frequently visited by fans of the Beatles that go on walking tours of the city. The apartment was once owned by the band's manager Brian Epstein and Lennon lived there with his first wife Cynthia after they were married in 1962. The couple was divorced in 1968 and Lennon married Yoko Ono the following year. Cynthia died in 2015.

"The tours are always stopping at the house because John Lennon used to live there," one neighbor told the BBC, refusing to be identified. He also confirmed that a family with two young children did live in the apartment.

"I didn't know them, I just knew there was a family living there. The children were toddler age," he said.