Conservative columnist Matt Lewis on Wednesday slammed Jay Sekulow over his criticism of former FBI Director James Comey, flat-out calling the chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice a “partisan hack.”

Sekulow was arguing Comey has to “very careful” with his reported testimony next week in from of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Lewis defended Comey, while acknowledging the former FBI director may be “grandstanding”

“I think that James Comey is an honorable guy,” CNN’s Lewis said, “He is somebody's who, I think, prides himself on being a Boy Scout. And it's interesting that actually could be a fault of his—that he wants to be seen as a very honorable, decent person. Ironically, finally, I think that has gotten him in trouble. It does seem a little bit like he's a showboat.”

“I do think he's an honorable person, though,” Lewis continued. “And I think Sekulow came with a mission to begin discrediting James Comey. I think it’s a harbinger of things to come.”

Sekulow shot back at Lewis asking if he thought it was “okay” Comey is speaking with the special counsel before he testifies in front of the Senate.

“Here's what I think is good,” Lewis began before Sekulow interrupted.

“Matt, do you think it's okay?” he demanded.

“Are you cross examining me?” Lewis asked. “Am I under oath? You can't handle the truth Jay Sekulow. Guess what you’re not hosting the show.”

Sekulow tried again to interrupt but Lewis was not having it.

“You can't shut up,” Lewis said. “You talk too much, Jay Sekulow. You came here tonight, you are a partisan hack!”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

"You're a partisan hack!": Mat Lewis swats at... by sarahburris