Ann Coulter is sick of Trump 'melodrama' -- and would dump him for Pence if he vowed to build the wall
Ann Coulter (Shutterstock)

Longtime Trump backer Ann Coulter is getting tired of the president's inability to avoid needless drama and controversy -- especially because it seems to be distracting him from building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In series of tweets on Friday afternoon, Coulter fumed that Trump keeps finding himself mired in scandals of his own making while at the same time neglecting one of his top campaign promises -- the border wall.

"This daily Trump melodrama is worth it ONLY if he’s really going to build the wall, cut off Muslim refugees and deport illegals," she wrote.

She then wrote a blistering assessment of Trump's progress on building the border wall so far.

"Today's BORDER WALL CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Miles completed yesterday--Zero; Miles completed since Inauguration--Zero," she wrote. "Anyone in a Southwestern state who strolls to the border & drops a brick will have done more to build the wall than [President Trump]."

Coulter finished off her rant by suggesting that she'd be open to dumping Trump as president in exchange for Mike Pence -- but only if the vice president pledged to actually build the border wall that Trump has so far neglected.

"If Pence were smart, starting making noises about how he'd LOVE to build a wall," she wrote. "He'd be sworn in as president about 2 weeks."