'Black people have met their match': Boston cop suspended for creating racially offensive video
A Boston Police Department car (Shutterstock).

The Boston Police Department has suspended one of its officers after he created a "racially insensitive" video that at one point declared, "Black people have met their match."

MassLive reports that Officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr. has been suspended for the next six months after the department discovered a video he made that he said was meant to be a parody tribute to his fellow BPD officer, Dennis Leahy.

The video itself shows footage of Leahy inter-spliced with footage of black people. It portrays Leahy as an action movie hero and declares, "This summer, black people have met their match."

DeAngelo formally apologized in a written letter in which he expressed remorse for creating the video.

"I offer a deep and sincere apology for the thoughtless, childish, insensitive and offensive racial materials contained in a video I made that attempted to poke fun at a long-time friend and co-worker," he wrote.

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said this week that felt DeAngelo's apology was genuine, and that he "realizes the impact this video has had on the community." He also said DeAngelo would "undergo significant sensitivity and unconscious bias retraining."