BUSTED: Georgia GOP lawmaker posed with gun-toting militia who flashed 'white power' signs
Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams (via Youtube).

According to a recent HuffPost article, Georgia's Republican State Sen. Michael Williams has come under fire for posing with members of a white supremacist militia at Atlanta's "March Against Sharia" on Saturday -- and the men he's posing with appear to be flashing a "white power" hand signal.

The photo shows Williams, an early Trump supporter, with members of the Georgia Security Force III% militia, a local chapter of the "Three Percenters" militia that consider themselves a "patriot movement" loyal to President Donald Trump.

The photo of Williams with the Three Percenters was circulated widely by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch Twitter account. Huffpost noted that three of the men in the photo are making a hand signal that resembles the "ok" symbol, with three fingers extended and the index and thumb connected in an "O" shape.

Williams, who announced his bid for governor in early June, is seen in the middle of the photo in a dress shirt and slacks (the militia members are in camouflage).

The history of the three-finger symbol as a signal of white supremacy is fraught, and could potentially have originated with alt-right users of the 4chan image board as a means of "trolling." Nonetheless, the men in the photo are making a symbol that the Daily Stormer refers to as "white supremacist."

A spokesman for Williams told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (who originally broke the story) that Williams was unaware of the symbolism shown by the men in the photo, and that he thought he was posing with "pro-gun supporters."

Check out the photo of Williams with the "Three Percenters" below, via Hatewatch on Twitter.