'Camel-jacking mother f*cking c*nts': Chicago man verbally assaults Muslim teens at family restaurant
Image from a cell-phone video documenting anti-Muslim bigotry in Chicago.

Shocking video taken inside a Mexican restaurant in Chicago documents yet another instance of anti-Muslim bigotry in the era of Donald Trump.

A group of female Muslim high school students where celebrating Iftar after their Ramadan fast when they were accosted, according to Yahoo News.

Seventeen-year-old Sawin Osman allowed herself to be identified so she could speak out against the comments.

“We were walking past him on our way out of the restaurant. He yelled, ‘That girl could break a camel’s back,’” Osman recounted to Yahoo News.

As the girls attempted to leave, he screamed, “F***ing goddamn, camel-jacking mother f***ing c***s.”

Beyond the shocking profanity at a family restaurant, one line of the bigot's rant stood out to the victims.

“You can go and beat it. If you don’t like this country, leave,” the man told the girls.

Osman reported that all of her friends subjected to the demand to leave America are from Chicago.

"I mean I was born here. I was raised here. Leave to where?” Osman asked.

The victim's mother suggested President Donald Trump has culpability for the wave of bigotry plaguing America.

“We live in a very charged climate. I think the furor at the presidential level has sort of exacerbated this feeling and given a platform for those who might not have spoken out so aggressively,” Sawin Osman's mother said.

Watch the video.