CNN took a novel approach to the White House's decision this week to forbid cameras at Press Secretary Sean Spicer's daily briefing.

The Hill said Friday that the network brought in a courtroom sketch artist to draw the briefing.

Media critic Brian Stelter tweeted a picture of artist Bill Hennessy's rendering of Friday's briefing. Hennessy typically works sketching the proceedings of the Supreme Court, where cameras are forbidden.

Spicer complained this week that reporters want to be "YouTube stars" and accused them of grandstanding for the cameras, hence the White House's revamped communications strategy of having fewer press briefings and holding them off-camera.

CNN's Jim Acosta blasted the Trump administration for "stonewalling" in the face of the press and called Spicer "useless" as a conduit for information due to his apparent lack of communication with the president and unwillingness to speak clearly about what he does know.