CNN media critic -- and new dad -- Brian Stelter blasted Cox News' morning show "Fox and Friends" as empty-headed pro-Trump propaganda on Sunday, calling it "a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency." reported that Stelter opened Sunday's segment by saying, "What would a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency look like? Actually, we don’t have to wonder. We have the answer right in front of us. It’s called 'Fox & Friends.'”

He pointed out that the morning show is President Trump's consistently "safe space" where he can give interviews untroubled by difficult questions or awkward confrontations.

"It's all about optimism about Trump and resentment about his opponents," Stelter said and the hosts and pundits who appear use mind-numbing repetition and obfuscation to drive their points home.

Some reporters for other news organizations have taken to calling the morning show "state TV" in the mold of North Korean news or Russia-owned Russia Today and Sputnik News.

"Fox and Friends is selling a product," Stelter said. "Of course, it's in the guise of a news talk show, just like something on QVC or HSN or all those channels. Hey, it's a free country. But viewers should recognize what product Fox is selling."

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