CNN's Cuomo believes the Trump administration seeks 'absolute power' over what's considered the truth
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

CNN's Chris Cuomo has seen a lot of presidential administrations try to manage what the media reports in the past, but he's never seen anything quite like the Trump administration before.

During a panel discussion about the Trump administration's interactions with the media, Cuomo called out the White House's strategy of ignoring all negative stories on the assumption that, as long as they don't acknowledge them, they can pretend they don't exist.

As an example, he pointed to the White House's approach to handling Washington Post report David Fahrenthold's report on a fake Trump Time Magazine cover that has been framed and mounted on the walls of at least four different Trump golf courses. Instead of addressing any of Fahrenthold's questions about the fake cover, the White House simply said it wouldn't comment on anything related to the decor of Trump golf courses.

Cuomo then made the case that the Trump team's attempts to demonize the media went way beyond anything he's ever seen in past administrations.

"This is a de facto declaration of making the media an enemy of the state," he said. "That is saying that this unique and beautiful dynamic that we have in this country, this messy thing that we call democracy, needs to change, and in favor of this White House and its... a desire for absolute power when it comes to reckoning the truth. That is new."

Watch the video below.