CNN’s Jim Acosta on Monday slammed Sean Spicer for avoiding taking questions from his network mocking the White House press secretary for his lack of “#courage.”

“As he often does, [Spicer] avoided taking questions from CNN today,” Acosta write on Twitter.

“The Labor Secretary took more questions from reporters in briefing than the White House press secretary today,” Acosta added.

Acosta attempted to ask Spicer if Donald Trump has confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to oversee the Russia investigation. Spicer ignored that question.

Acosta has sparred with the press secretary before; in April, Spicer chided the CNN reporter after he tried to blame Barack Obama for hiring embattled former National Security adviser Michael Flynn. In that exchange, Spicer belittled Acosta telling him to “calm down.”

Spicer had previously threatened to remove Acosta from the White House briefing room after clashing with the president during a press conference.