Dan Rather perfectly explains why Trump's attacks on Mika are the symptom of a much larger problem
Dan Rather (Photo: screen capture)

Speaking with CNN's Don Lemon, veteran broadcast journalist Dan Rather laid out the real reason why President Donald Trump's tweet-attacks against MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski are so damaging.

Rather, who worked with Brzezinski at CBS News, focused on the dangers this sort of behavior poses to the office of the presidency rather than the content of the tweets themselves.

"This is unbecoming of the president, and I think even the most ardent Trump supporter has to somewhere deep in themselves realize that," Rather began.

"It's "not about policy," Rather continued. "It's not even about politics. This is really about common decency."

"In the end, I think it hurts Donald Trump more than anybody else," Rather said. "The biggest enemy of Donald Trump and the thing that hurts him the most are these tweets."

Watch the entire segment below via CNN.

Dan Rather wants Trump to dig deep to find his... by sarahburris