Delta Airlines let drunk ‘roam freely’ while he exposed himself and groped woman on flight: lawsuit
Interior of a plane (via Shutterstock).

According to MLive, a Michigan woman is suing Delta Airlines for allegedly allowing a fellow passenger who sexually assaulted her and masturbated next to her to "roam freely" on a flight despite staff's knowledge of the man's misconduct prior to the assault.

On a July 2016 flight, Rhonda Castigan was flying with her daughter and her friends when long-haul trucker Christopher C. Finkley, who was seated next to her, touched her and himself inappropriately during a flight from Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Detroit.

Castigan reported the incident once the plane landed, and during the sentencing from Finkley's subsequent arrest, she discovered that flight staff were aware of his "lewd behavior" prior to the assault, but "failed to take steps to make sure he didn't harm other passengers."

She is now suing Delta for $10 million for the flight staff's failure to remove or subdue Finkley before he assaulted her. According to her lawyer and the assaulter's sentencing, Finkley was intoxicated during the assault.

Read the entire report on the Delta flight assault lawsuit via MLive, and Finkley's sentencing memo below, via MLive and Scribd.

Finkley Sentencing Memo by on Scribd

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