Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, commentator Dean Obeidallah went off on Donald Trump after it was reported that the president was considering a trip to London to show solidarity following Saturday night's terrorist attacks.

Speaking with Joy Reid, Obeidallah -- who is a Muslim -- agreed with the MSNBC host that Trump's attacks on Muslims creates a "petri dish to grow more for militants."

Obeidallah then addressed rumors Trump wants to go to London next week.

"I think it is remarkable that Donald Trump might go to the U.K.," the commentator explained. "He didn't go to Portland when two were killed by white supremacists. He didn't come to New York in March when a white supremacist from Baltimore traveled to kill an African-American man. He didn't visit Muslims around this country where they had their mosques burned down. And other minority communities -- Jewish, and Latinos have suffered hate crimes since he was elected."

"He doesn't go there. America first doesn't play into red meat he wants to give his base," an exasperated Obeidallah continued. "This guy -- I try not to curse -- so it is despicable how he's playing politics with people's lives and using terrorism just like he did after Orlando when he was a candidate, saying 'this is terrorism' before he knew it and demonizing Hillary Clinton just days after the Orlando attacks."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: