One of Fox News' in-house doctors said on Thursday that Americans using Medicaid have it too good because they're going to get treatments without even paying deductibles.

Via Media Matters, Dr. Marc Siegel appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about the GOP's proposed health care bill. As part of the segment, he said the goal should be to cut back Medicaid services to the bare basics because, at the moment, many Medicaid patients are getting too much care.

"No disincentive for overuse," Siegel said of Medicaid. "No co-pays. No deductibles. In states that have the Medicaid expansion, emergency room visits are up by nine percent. Now, hospitals like that because patients that used to be uninsured now have their Medicaid card, but they're flocking into the ERs to get services they don't often need."

When asked about what services aren't essential, Siegel said that disabled people don't need to regularly get new wheelchairs as often as they do right now.

"There's people that -- really poor people really need Medicaid," he said. "But do they need a wheelchair every two years? I don't think so. I want to scale back the excess. And then, as Medicaid director Seema Verma has said quite smartly, let's have premium buy-ins in the Medicaid expansion states for services beyond what you need."

Watch the video below.