Donald Trump Jr. can't resist online conspiracy theories -- any of them, apparently
Donald Trump Jr. appears on Good Morning America (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump is not the only member of his family with an itchy Twitter finger. Erin Gloria Ryan at The Daily Beast on Friday dissected some of the millionaire scion's favorite Twitter tropes, the conspiracy theories he promiscuously retweets and his seemingly uncritical online relationship with white supremacist ideologues and their agenda.

Donald Trump Jr. and his younger brother Eric have been ostensibly left in charge of their father's businesses -- a conceit as thin and easily punched through as the scrim of crystalized sugar atop a creme brulée.

And while Donald Jr. has no political role or official title in the White House, but online he clearly has no compunctions about sharing his political opinions and is a tireless promoter of each news cycle's right-wing outrage du jour.

"He’s a human subreddit, a wide-eyed disseminator of stories that further an agenda that doesn’t seem to have many policy positions beyond viewing the Trump administration and its sycophants as the sole arbiters of truth. He’s Infowars in a suit. If Ivanka is the First Daughter (poor Tiffany) and Jared is the President-in-Law, Donald Jr. is America’s First Deplorable," said Ryan.

In combing through the tangled strands of Trump Jr.'s Twitter feed, Ryan found plentiful accusations that Hillary killed an ambassador and marines in Benghazi, that Obama flew to Hawaii to pressure a judge to reverse Trump's discriminatory travel ban and a slew of accusations that CNN, MSNBC and other media organizations are all "fake news."

Donald Jr. -- known by his college friends as "Diaper Don" for his habit of drinking to unconsciousness and sleep-urinating on whatever couch, bed, floor or other surface upon which he'd passed out --  dabbled in Twitter for a year or so, starting in 2011, before going full conspiracy-theorist.

He tweeted the various "birther" and "truther" stories popular during the Obama administration, but, as Ryan said, "If Obama was conspiracy tapas for Donald Jr., Hillary was a smorgasbord."

"Throughout the 2016 campaign, he believed a range of nutty theories about his father’s former opponent. That she was endorsed by a member of the KKK, a man who was her mentor (in truth, the man to which he referred, Robert Byrd, had been a member of the KKK as a young man but had spent his late career sternly disavowing it). Donald Jr. also loved the theory that Hillary Clinton was a frail old lady suffering from unseen health problems, and that the Huffington Post was banning writers that implied as much. After one debate, Junior tweeted that Hillary was wearing an earpiece (she wasn’t). Junior also Tweeted that Hillary, frail but busy, was paying activists to incite violence at Trump rallies. He also tweeted that she had sent classified information to her daughter, that foreign agents had hacked into her server, and that Hillary’s campaign was largely funded by the Saudis."

The bottom line is that President Trump's eldest son has no accuracy or honesty threshold for facts so long as they denigrate his enemies and praise his father.

Ryan noted that he "doesn’t seem to care much about issues that extend beyond those that prove that his father is right, his father is good, his father is loved, and that those who disagree believe so because they are somehow broken, or evil, or manipulating the truth."