Don't let Trump 'yank your chain': Maddow hammers Trump for 'repulsive' and distracting tweets
Rachel Maddow (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's opening report Friday wasn't the shocking expose we've come to expect from her. Instead, it was a reality-check on the absolute "disgust" Americans now see from the office of the president of the United States. Worse, Maddow thinks that President Donald Trump was intentionally doing it to distract from the disastrous report out from the Congressional Budget Office revealing that 32 million Americans will lose healthcare under Trumpcare.

"You've heard that thing there's no such thing as bad press?" Maddow asked. "It's mostly an axium people go along with. There are some people who do."

"All politicians, all public figures to a certain extent have to manage the art of diverting people's attention at times, changing the subject, creating deliberate distractions," Maddow said. "And, you know, some politicians are better at it than others, but all good politicians have to be able to do it to a certain degree. Our current president is very, very, very good at it. He doesn't just have that skill like a normal politician. He has a peculiar nuclear version of it."

She explained it as a keen sense to distract from what's actually going on. The problem, Maddow saw, was that the method Trump seems to be using to distract is with something so disgusting that he's taking down the office of the presidency along with him. She was, of course, referencing Trump's attack on MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski.

"What our new president does is really a special twist on that tradition there is a special ingredient that he is willing to cook with, that nobody else is," she continued. "And that is that he deliberately tries not just to distract, but to offend. He doesn't just merely distract people, he disgusts people. He breaks the bounds of decency. Breaks the bounds of what people generally agree are the moral rules for engagement in public discourse, and he breaks those rules in a way that doesn't just start a new narrative, it stops all normal politics and all normal media coverage of current events. His specialty, what marks him out is really a different kind of cat is that he is very willing, happy even, deliberately trying to go past the merely controversial."

She called out Trump for going past "provocative," and goes straight to "abusive or even repulsive."

"What he has perfected is a nuclear version of a conventional political tactic," she went on. "It is conventional politics to distract. It is not conventional politics to disgust."

The distraction is that a group of Americans equal to the size of the population of 18 states will lose their care under Trumpcare.

The second distraction, according to Maddow, is that Director of United States National Security Agency Admiral Michael S. Rogers warned that Russia is still coming after the United States. Worse, Trump doesn't consider it to be important.

"Do not let anyone yank your chain," Maddow closed.

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