‘Fake news, real prison’: Colbert scalds Trump for disavowing Russia probe while admitting leaks are true
Host Stephen Colbert of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (via screengrab).

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday mocked Donald Trump over the latest leak to plague his administration, noting while the president is wont to call the Russia investigation “fake news,” his administration “immediately arrested” the woman accused of leaking the information.

Reality Winner, the first U.S. government contractor to be charged by the Trump Justice Department, is accused of "removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet” for leaking top-secret information to The Intercept. That document—a National Security Agency memo dated May 5—provides details about a Russian cyberattack that target voting software. This was the first piece of evidence that Russia targeted the 2016 election beyond a coordinated disinformation campaign, actually attempting to directly impact the vote count.

“Who really knows who won Nov. 8 now, I mean other than Vladimir Putin,” Colbert said Tuesday while discussing the NSA memo. “I mean, I’m a little rusty on my Constitution, but I guess that means new election?”

“Let’s just get the band back together,” he continued. “Somebody find Jeb and wake him up. I don’t know where he is, check the mild salsa aisle. Or a store that sells only mayonnaise.”

“Now, all along Donald Trump has said the entire Russia story is ‘fake news’ and there’s no way to know whether this document was real—other than the fact that the leaker was immediately arrested,” Colbert said.

“Real news, fake prison,” the “Late Show” host joked.

“The leaker’s name, and this is true: Reality Winner,” Colbert added. “So it’s official, the Trump administration is at war with Reality.

Watch the clip below, via CBS: